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Experience a love story that transcends form and medium with "Connected Souls," a limited edition shadow sculpture by Maysoon and Bassam. This enchanting piece features two horse heads, lovingly positioned as if whispering secrets to each other, set against an arch of organically placed stones. Crafted meticulously from high-quality PLA, and hand-painted with vibrant acrylic paint, this wall-mounted artwork exudes an ethereal quality both in material and thematic resonance.

#### Magical Transformation What sets "Connected Souls" apart is its magical ability to unfold a second, hidden narrative. When the touch sensor light, conveniently included, illuminates the sculpture from underneath, the wall above becomes the canvas for a new love story—a silhouette of a human couple facing each other, deeply in love.

#### Additional Features -

**Limited Edition**: This is a limited run, with only 200 copies available worldwide. -

**Touch Sensor Light**: Illuminate your sculpture effortlessly with an integrated touch sensor light. -

**Light Holder**: Specially designed to perfectly position the light for the optimal shadow effect.

#### Free Worldwide Shipping We are delighted to offer free worldwide shipping for this exclusive piece, ensuring that art lovers around the globe can enjoy "Entwined Souls" without any additional costs.

Connected Souls

SKU : PLA20232
  • The material used is made from plastic derived from corn. This means that it is renewable, recyclable, and eco-friendly due to being bio-degradable.

    Height: 30 cm

    Width: 30 cm

    Material: PLA (Eco-friendly plastic made from corn starch!)

    Processing Time: 2-5 days

    Delivery time: 5-10 days


  • The Size:- 30 cm x 30cm

    Weight:- 600 Grams

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