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June 23, 2015

Sculptures by Bassam Al Selawi and Maysoon Masalha take on a surreal new dimension under the spotlight.

The calligraphic sculptures created by Bassam Al Selawi and Maysoon Masalha look deceptively simple. But when the lights in the gallery are dimmed and the spotlights switched on, a surprising fourth dimension is revealed. The shadow cast by each wall-mounted sculpture is a figure or words related to the feelings evoked, or the mental images conjured by the words on the sculpture itself. The latest show by the Jordanian couple, “Don’t Trust Your Eyes” includes shadow sculptures featuring verses from the Quran and poetic phrases, with the shadows sometimes illustrating the emotions embodied by the words, and sometimes telling quite another story. The exhibition also includes a new set of shadow portraits produced in collaboration by the artists.

July 06, 2015

These beautiful shadow sculptures made by Bassam Al Selawi and Maysoon Masalha, permanent artists in residence at Abu Dhabi Art Hub are on display in the Pullman Deira City Centre for the month of Ramadan and for the entire month of August.

May 04, 2016

Jordanian artists Bassam Al Selawi and Maysoon Masalha will be showing a new collection of their shadow sculptures in ceramic and resin for a new Ramadan themed exhibition. The shadow sculptures combine modern techniques with Arabic calligraphy and when a light is angled upon them, the shadows come to life. Shadows of Ramadan will be at Sofitel Dubai on Jumeirah Beach all summer. "We encourage everyone to come down to see our new pieces." said Maysoon Masalha.

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